GRQ-3101S — All digital Graphic EQ, FBX, Compressor & Delay with 1 In, 2 Outs!
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Sabine Graphi-Q functionality, flexibility and price point squash the competition
ALACHUA FLORIDA — Make the switch and fall in love — that is what the designers and installers at Sylvan Special Systems of Lake Charles, Louisiana, did after being introduced to their first Sabine product, the Graphi-Q GRQ-3102S.

Design specifications for the Wheelock Fitness Center (Fort Polk, Leesville, Louisiana) gave Shane Thompson, vice president for Sylvan Special Systems, his first introduction to Sabine technology. “We weren’t familiar with the Sabine until it was specified for this project,” states Thompson. “Now we have fallen in love with it,” he asserts.

The Graphi-Q is a digital 31-band EQ, FBX Feedback Exterminator®, compressor/limiter and delay, and comes in single-channel (one in, two out) or dual-channel (two in, two out) models. The GRQ-3101 (single-channel) and GRQ-3102 (dual-channel) Graphi-Qs can be controlled by their front panels or by very powerful computer software. The GRQ-3101S (single-channel) and GRQ-3102S (dual-channel) Graphi-Qs have blank front panels and are computer controlled. All Graphi-Qs have 70 on-board program memories, multi-unit linking ability and password protection. Furthermore, current and future software and firmware revisions are FREE from Sabine's website.
We like the Sabine because it gives you more bang for your buck and it’s more user friendly. We are all very pleased with it. A couple of the guys who installed the system were not initially sure what the Graphi-Q’s capabilities were, but when they kicked on the [computer] screen and started looking at it, they sat back in awe and said, ‘you got all that for how much?’

The Graphi-Q works as an analytical tool as well. FBX filters can be set automatically, and then changed into programmable parametric filters—allowing contractors to tweak and refine the installed system as they deem necessary. Furthermore, all Graphi-Q functions can be used simultaneously. “We’ve used other computer-controlled digital EQs before,” says Thompson, “but the Graphi-Q has proven more versatile—and you get a lot more for the money. Consequently, we have made the switch to Sabine.”

The Wheelock Fitness Center is a large, multi-activity complex. The main floor where this sound system is installed is approximately the size of three basketball courts. The sound system will be used for a variety of purposes, including background music and live announcements. Sylvan Special Systems has been in business since 1955 as a special systems contractor and has installed fire alarm systems, access control systems, CCTV and sound systems into innumerable venues, including military installations, mall shopping centers, theaters and large rodeo arenas.

Sabine also manufactures the True Mobility™ Wireless Systems, including the hot, new 2.4 GHz Smart Spectrum Wireless Systems with Targeted Input Processing (FBX, Compressor/Limiter, De-Esser) and digital Mic SuperModeling™; UHF & VHF True Mobility™ Wireless Systems; POWER-Q™ (nine Pro Audio products in one 2U unit); REAL-Q2™ Real-Time Adaptive Equalizer; FBX-SOLO Feedback Exterminators®; and the SDA-102™ Digital Delay.
Sylvan Special Systems, Inc.
Shane Thompson, VP
1806 Common St.
Lake Charles, Louisiana 70601

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