Audiovisual Contractor Steve Yates Uses Sabine FBX and Digital Processing to Keep Clients Happy
  Alachua, Florida — Wolf Industrial Network's Steve Yates does it all, and gets great results from Sabine. "I take the customer from the initial sale, through systems engineering, programming, installation coordination, customer training and technical support," states Yates. "And when I'm with the customer, I know that Sabine quality and customer service are right there with me."

Wolf installs audiovisual systems and began using Sabine equipment in 2001. "The first time I used a Sabine product was in the corporate training rooms of a very well known financial services organization," recalls Yates. The rooms were approximately 40 feet by 70 feet, filled with desks and computer monitors, and were set up to allow instructors and guest speakers good wireless mobility while addressing the classes. "Keeping the quality of the sound good - and of course, feedback free - were very important considerations in the sound system design of this room," states Yates.
 Sabine Graphi-Q GRQ-3102S
Sabine Graphi-Q GRQ-3102S
"Originally, I was looking for two separate pieces: an EQ and a feedback controller," he remembers. "Sabine's Sales and Technical Support team guided me through the process of deciding which unit best fit my purposes - which ended up being the Graphi-Q 2-channel remote-control-only GRQ-3102S." Yates states that "the price was right and the functions fantastic - I absolutely fell in love with the Graphi-Q!"
  "Support with Sabine is fantastic. At Sabine you can get someone to answer your questions and really listen to what you have to say." — Steve Yates  
The Graphi-Q is a digital 31-band EQ, FBX Feedback Exterminator®, compressor and delay and comes in single channel (one in, two out) or dual channel (two in, two out) models. The GRQ-3101 (single-channel) and GRQ-3102 (dual-channel) Graphi-Qs can be controlled by their front panels or by very powerful computer software. The GRQ-3101S (single-channel) and GRQ-3102S (dual-channel) Graphi-Qs have blank front panels and are computer controlled. All Graphi-Qs have 70 on-board program memories, multi-unit linking ability and password protection. Furthermore, current and future software and firmware revisions are FREE from Sabine's website.

"I use Sabine equipment whenever I install microphones and audio systems because Sabine solves problems," comments Yates. "One of the rooms where I had the most problems - that is, until I introduced a Sabine product - was a conference room for the Colorado Rural Electric Association." The client required six wireless microphones in a 22' x 35' conference room, and had a very specific budget. "The problem was gain versus feedback," Yates recalls. "If we managed to get the mics not to feedback, we ended up with no gain," Yates continues. With the customer was ready to pull all the mikes out of the room and throw them away, Yates suggested the inclusion of a Sabine FBX-1020Plus Feedback Exterminator®. Results were immediate. "In about forty-five minutes, I had the FBX installed, set up and working perfectly. Now everybody's happy with the sound - it's loud, clear and there's no feedback," asserts Yates.

The FBX-1020Plus Feedback Exterminator® is the industry standard in automatic feedback control. The 1-U unit has 12 FBX filters, 20-bit digital resolution, and Sabine's patented ClipGuard® Adaptive Clip Level Control, which allows the FBX-1020Plus to accept input signals up to 26dBV without clipping, increasing the effective dynamic range to 105 dB.

"Support with Sabine is fantastic," states Yates. "At Sabine you can get someone to answer your questions and really listen to what you have to say," he continues.

Sabine also manufactures the True Mobility™ Wireless Systems, including the hot, new 2.4 GHz Smart Spectrum Wireless Systems with Targeted Input Processing (FBX, Compressor/Limiter, De-Esser) and digital Mic SuperModeling™; UHF & VHF True Mobility™ Wireless Systems; POWER-Q™ (nine Pro Audio products in one 2U unit); REAL-Q2™ Real-Time Adaptive Equalizer; FBX-SOLO Feedback Exterminators®; and the SDA-102™ Digital Delay.
Steve Yates
Wolf Industrial Network
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