The Story of Sabine's 2.4 GHz Wireless:

• No interference from TV or DTV- Learn why
• Superior sound quality
• Built-in DSP processing
• Charge your batteries in the transmitters

Wireless microphones offer several advantages over their wired cousins, but they also bring along some undesirable baggage. Three major issues haunt the wireless mic user. RF problems, sound quality problems, and battery problems all combine to make the wireless experience a real challenge. And perhaps the biggest question facing wireless users is “With all these new laws allocating frequencies to DTV and other devices, will my wireless mics work tomorrow?” Sabine has the right answer to that and many other wireless challenges: SWM7000 Smart Spectrum Wireless. This ground-breaking new system sets a new standard for quality, reliability, and longevity of wireless microphones.

New standards in RF performance
• UHF: Here today, gone tomorrow. You read all about it every day in the industry journals: Digital television and a whole host of consumer devices are gobbling up UHF frequencies. Just when you need more wireless mics, government restrictions squeeze the UHF band tighter and tighter. UHF mics you buy today may well be useless tomorrow.

• 2.4 GHz Band: The Clear Alternative. The 2.4 GHz band is far away from the UHF and VHF bands so it is immune to TV and DTV interference, as well as all the “White Spaces” issues you read about. By international agreement the 2.4 GHz band is limited to low power devices (no broadcast!) and it can be used anywhere in the world. Now you can buy one system and travel anywhere – the ultimate in unlimited roaming.

• Smart Spectrum™: 70 Simultaneous users. We achieved this unprecedented breakthrough by using digital signal processing in the RF circuit. You get 70 channels to choose from and you can use all 70 at one time! Sabine's patent pending Smart Spectrum system combines spread spectrum filtering with a variation of FM technology. This innovative breakthrough provides for a more interference-resistant system with many more simultaneous channels.

...and in wireless audio quality
Conventional wireless systems cannot supply the same audio quality as their wired counterparts. Low frequencies are typically rolled-off below 100 to 150 Hz, prompting most of us to wish for that extra performance from our wireless mics.

Sabine's new SWM7000 series, however, utilizes a new scheme for transmission and reception that provides flat response from 20 Hz to 20 KHz — ideal for use with both voice and musical instruments.


Every Sabine receiver comes with its own stack of built-in processors. This Targeted Input Processing allows you to customize the sound of each mic without resorting to outboard gear, or even your mixer. Every system has five DSP products:

  • FBX Feedback Exterminator®: Wireless microphones invite movement, and as the mic moves, feedback may be waiting in ambush. Like having an automatic parametric filter set on the job, the FBX is the industry standard for transparent, automatic feedback control, providing maximum gain and increased clarity on every mic.
  • Mic SuperModeling™: You'll love our rugged, all-metal SWM7000 series dynamic or condenser handheld mics just the way they are. But if your application calls for another mic "personality," a push of a button calls up a library of "virtual capsules" that model the sounds of your favorite microphones. You'll be ready for any vocalist or speaker, in any situation. It's like getting a suitcase full of microphones in a single system!in your favorite virtual capsule.
  • Parametric Filters: Every receiver provides 10 filters per channel, and these can be individually selected as either parametric or FBX filters.
  • Compressor/Limiter: Manage gain for all types of performers with Sabine's famous digital compressor.
  • Adaptive De-Esser: Improve intelligibility with this adaptive de-esser with surgical control over sibilance (harsh "s," "ch" and "t" vocal sounds) that adapts for various voice types.


Sabine is now a Certified Crestron Partner, which means you can control the 2.4 GHz Wireless Receiver via Crestron's I2P software modules.




60 channels of Sabine Wireless at work during the live broadcast of the opera "Carmen" in Madrid, Spain.

New: Sabine SW75-T Beltpack Transmitter!

New Features:
• Smaller and thinner
• Flexible antenna
• Large backlit LCD
• Easy-to-find, programmable external switch
• Secure yet easy-to-open access door

Conventional wireless systems force you to continuously purchase, store, change, and dispose of batteries – forever. Sabine’s rechargeable NiMH batteries come with every transmitter, and Tireless Wireless Battery Charging means you’ll save enough money to pay for the system with no compromise in battery life or performance. Every transmitter has a charger input, and when you keep your hand-held microphone cradled in its Charger Clip, the battery will be continually charged. Charging your transmitters is just like charging your cell phone – plug them in every night and they are ready for a full day of use. Sabine transmitters are designed around NiMH batteries – using rechargeables was not just an afterthought. The transmitters are engineered for both NiMH and standard alkaline batteries. The battery system is smart and it detects which type of battery is in use – no charging is attempted if alkalines are detected.

Ergonomic controls and displays give you quick information and easy control of essential features. Sabine's Tweek 'n Peek function displays the precise value of every function on the LCD with the touch of any front panel control. Ten recallable preset configurations allow you to customize and save your setups. Transmitters also have programmable LCDs with behind-the-door switches to prevent unintentional changes, and the external on/off switches are programmable.
...and flexible control

Take a tour of Sabine's SWM7000 Remote Control Software.
Click image to learn more...

Choose full front panel control, or limit which controls are accessible on the front panel. Or use Sabine's SWM7000 Remote Software to control up to 70 channels (ND System required, which also includes digital audio output). Or use any serial remote control system to access each receiver in your system.

Sabine offers a dozen problem-solving features for no more than you are already paying, all with superior audio quality. Our price looks even better when you choose a two-channel unit, which takes up no more room in your rack. Let your ears tell the story — try the new 2.4 GHz Smart Spectrum Wireless Microphone Systems from Sabine today.

See the SWM7000 Ordering Guide

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