GRQ-3101S — All digital Graphic EQ, FBX, Compressor & Delay with 1 In, 2 Outs!
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Sabine Graphi-Qs are the tool of choice for ensuring that digitized court records contain every word exactly as spoken
ALACHUA FLORIDA — The 18th Judicial Court of DuPage County in Wheaton, Illinois now has 15 Sabine Graphi-Qs installed to ensure accurate digital recording and sound reinforcement in courtroom proceedings.

Andrew Treinis, President of CourtSmart™ Digital Systems has installed hundreds of Sabine FBX products in courtrooms, senate chambers and similar venues around the world. “We chose Sabine because it's bullet proof,” states Treinis. “It is an extremely reliable and consistent product. We have in excess of one hundred Sabine products out in the field and we have never had a failure—which is very important to us because these systems are installed thousands of miles away and we don't like to put people on airplanes to go and fix them,” Treinis continues.

“The second thing is that the Graphi-Q does an excellent job at what it is designed to do—seek and destroy feedback,” asserts Treinis, “and that's important.” According to Treinis, “Judges have no sense of humor and no patience when it comes to their sound systems. We need a product that seeks and destroys feedback very quickly—that's what we have found Sabine to do.”

The 18th Judicial installation has worked so well that an additional 15 courtrooms within the 37-courtroom complex will have the CourtSmart system, including another 15 Graphi-Qs, installed in August of 2000.

The Graphi-Q GRQ-3100 series computer-controlled digital graphic equalizer, FBX Feedback Exterminator®, compressor/limiter and delay comes in single channel (one in, two out) or dual channel (two in, two out) models. GRQ-3101 and GRQ-3102 Graphi-Qs can be controlled by their front panels or by very powerful computer software. GRQ-3101S and GRQ-3102S Graph-Qs have blank front panels and are computer controlled. All Graph-Qs have 70 on-board program memories, multi-unit linking ability and password protection.

CourtSmart produces a digital recording system for capturing the verbatim record in courtrooms, hearing rooms, and other government venues—what court reporters used to do, CourtSmart now does. The system has a double task, one to record every spoken work reliably, the other to allow those present to hear the proceedings through sound reinforcement systems.

This is a difficult task according to Treinis and requires the best equipment available:
  We insist on using the best quality equipment to get the best sound and the best possible recording of court proceedings. In order not to miss a single word—which is very important in a legal proceeding—we have to have very hot microphones. There are as many as 8 hot microphones in a courtroom at any given time. Therefore, feedback is a major problem. We need a sound reinforcement system that allows everyone in the courtroom—judge, jury, attorneys, and gallery—to hear the proceedings, and yet allows CourtSmart to have hot enough, strong enough signals so that the sound can be digitized without missing anything. We have tried other products and we always come back to Sabine. That's the bottom line. I wouldn't buy Sabine if it wasn't—I've got too much at stake.  

CourtSmart also makes use of the Graphi-Q's ability to perform all audio functions simultaneously. Treinis states that the variety of acoustical situations—from cavernous senate chambers like the Belgian Senate (Belgium) to tiny, one-room courts—are no problem for the Sabine Graphi-Q.

Headquartered in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, CourtSmart has been in business since 1994 and has installed the CourtSmart Digital Recording System in hundreds of installations around the world.

The GRAPHI-Q is now SIA Smaart™ compatible. Newly released GRQ firmware version 3.20 allows users to run all 4 GRAPHI-Q models from the Smaart Pro software platform. Furthermore, current and future Sabine software and firmware revisions are FREE from Sabine’s website.

Sabine also manufactures the True Mobility™ Wireless Systems with Targeted Input Processing (FBX, Compressor/Limiter, De-Esser); POWER-Q™ (nine Pro Audio products in one 2U unit); REAL-Q2™ Real-Time Adaptive Equalizer; FBX-SOLO Feedback Exterminators®; and the SDA-102™ Digital Delay.
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